Medford, Oregon


 We are the largest club in the Rogue Valley and have been in existence for over a decade. We pride    ourselves on being a friendly, family-oriented fishing club. We also enjoy tournament          competition. Tournaments are held one weekend a month from February through September or  October. We fish separate team tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. Each person accrues  points throughout the year. The top ten fishermen/women on Saturday and Sunday fish in the  Tournament of Champions at the end of the tournament schedule. We also have an Angler(s) of the  Year chase and a six-pound club.  We encourage you to come have fun, learn from and compete  against the best bass anglers in the valley.



         Next meeting will be at Bobbio's ( 312 Oak St. , Central Point ) on May 7th, at 6:30 P.M.



                                        ** The Roads are open and the Trinity Lake Tournament is on  **

                                  Next Tournament is April 27th & 28th at Trinity  lake                            

​         ​                                We will be blasting-off at Cedar  Stock Ramp at around 6:00 a.m.                  

                                                          ( remember - there is A limit of 2 fish per person ) 

              Here is A phone Number for Auburn Sports - if you need a tournament banner (253-833-1440)