1st Tournament this weekend at Shasta Lake - We will be blasting-off out of Packers Bay,  just after 6:00 A.M. - Please come an hour early if you still need to sign up or pay entry fees and you will also need a copy of your $300,000  ‚ÄčLiability Insurance.


Medford, Oregon

 We are the largest club in the Rogue Valley and have been in existence for over a decade. We pride    ourselves on being a friendly, family-oriented fishing club. We also enjoy tournament          competition. Tournaments are held one weekend a month from February through September or  October. We fish separate team tournaments on Saturday and Sunday. Each person accrues  points throughout the year.  All anglers finishing in the top ten point positions on

 Saturday and Sunday are eligible to fish in the Tournament of Champions at the end of the tournament schedule. We also have an Angler(s) of the  Year chase and a six-pound club.  We encourage you to come have fun, learn from and compete  against the best bass anglers in the valley.