​​ FEBRUARY 9th & 10th -  SHASTA LAKE                      
  MARCH 16th & 17th - SHASTA LAKE   

  APRIL 27th & 28th - TRINITY LAKE                                     OCTOBER 5th & 6th -  SHASTA LAKE (T.O.C.)

  MAY 18th & 19th  - LOST CREEK LAKE

  JUNE 8th & 9th  - LAKE BRITTON

​  JULY 27th & 28th  - SILTCOOS LAKE                                  OPEN TOURNAMENT MAY 25TH & 26TH - HOWARD PRAIRE LAKE

  AUGUST 17th & 18th  - TENMILE LAKES


2019 Tournament Schedule

Tournament Director’s 2019 Tournament Rules

  1. You must provide proof of boat insurance before participating in a tournament (must include $300,000 minimum liability).  
  2. Only one blast-off number is allowed when the entry fee is paid the morning of the tournament.
  3. Two blast-off numbers will be allowed if you pay the entry fee before the morning of the tournament.
  4. All blast-off numbers will be drawn the morning of the tournaments.
  5. If you draw more chips than allotted, you will be assigned the higher number.
  6. Blast-off times will be announced at the meeting before the tournament.
  7. Blast-off will take place on time (subject to visibility).
  8. Off-limits will be announced at the meeting prior to the tournament and updated or repeated before blast-off.
  9. Live well checks are mandatory each day. 
  10. Tournament director’s official time will be announced before blast-off.
  11. The tournament director will do his best to be at the tournament lake launch site parking lot 45 minutes to an hour before blast-off.
  12. The tournament director will launch 10-15 minutes before blast-off based on launch ramp congestion.
  13. If you are late for a tournament and have already paid the entry fee and all your credentials (license, insurance, and boaters card) are previously verified, check in with any Rogue Valley BassMasters club member to verify you are there before you start fishing.
  14. If you are late for a tournament and have not already paid the entry fee, you need to find the tournament director to get paid up before you start fishing (as stated in the bylaws).  If possible, please write your name(s) on a piece of paper or envelope with the dollar amount. If change is needed, you will get it after the tournament.
  15. If you are late for a tournament, expect to have your live-well checked.
  16. Weigh-in times are on Saturday at 3pm and Sunday at 2pm.
  17. If you “Blank” at a tournament, be sure to let the director know at weigh-in time.
  18. If you leave a tournament early, please let someone in the club know that you are leaving.  If you don’t see anyone, leave a note on a club member's vehicle.
  19. The “Wil-E-Go” board will be the official fish length qualifier.  California’s minimum length is 12” and Oregon’s minimum length is 10” any way legal on the Wil-E-Go board.
  20. You are responsible for choosing your “big” fish for weigh-in.  Once you  have established your big fish weight, you can’t switch fish.
  21. Please make sure the director has your name correct when weighing in and has logged in your correct weight.
  22. The only time you’re allowed on the lake within the “Off-Limits” time is for boat mooring or to work on your boat at the boat ramp and docking area.

Tournament Schedule

Medford, Oregon