Medford, Oregon


1.  Dues           ( See The News Page for the proposed updated By Laws )

  • Family Plus membership $50 per year (immediate family and non-boater extended family)
  • Family membership $40 per year (immediate family members in household)
  • Single membership $35 per year
  • Dues for existing club members are due in January.
  • All club members to fill out and sign registration/waiver before attending any club tournament.
  • Tournament entry fee is $25 per person per day.
  • Big fish and 6-lb club are additional entry fees.

2.  Officer Duty and Terms

  • Election to be held in October.
  • Term length is one year from January to January.
  • The treasurer will keep records of all financial transactions and report to the club.

3.  Rules of Conduct

  • This club was established to promote good sportsmanship and camaraderie.  Anyone violating this rule is subject to suspension and/or termination by the board.
  • No alcohol is allowed during the tournament hours including weigh-in and only after payouts are done.
  • Any misuse of club money and/or property is grounds for immediate expulsion and subject for review by the board.

4.  Tournaments

  • Blast-off is at first safe light subject to the tournament director’s discretion.
  • Tournament director has official time and final say at weigh-in.
  • Live-well checks are mandatory each day.
  • Life jackets must be worn at all times when the big motor is running on the water.
  • The cutoff for pre-fishing before any "LOCAL" tournament is sundown on Sunday the weekend  before a tournament. For "AWAY" lakes the cutoff is sundown on the day before the tournament.
  • All tournament participants will launch and weigh-in at the SAME ramp unless otherwise authorized by the tournament director.  Anyone launching at an unauthorized ramp may be disqualified.
  • All boats on the water will allow 50 yards between boats during a tournament.
  • Off Limit.  Lost Creek Marina, Ten Mile Channel & Yacht Club, where legally posted, 50 yards from launch ramp, gas pumps and any other areas as designated by the tournament director.
  • Weigh-in. Members must be on time—no exceptions.  If a member is late, they are disqualified.  Members may bring fish to the weigh-in in a different boat than they started if there are any problems.
  • For each legal dead fish presented at weigh-in, .25 pounds will be deducted from the participant's daily score.
  • Any fish brought to the weigh-in that doesn’t meet the State’s Angling Regulations, or exceeding bag limit will be grounds for automatic disqualification from the tournament.  No culling of fish after tournament hours.
  • Fishermen are responsible for taking their fish back and releasing them into fresh water.
  • All fees should be paid before a tournament begins. If you have to pay with a check, please make it out to  Rogue Valley Bassmasters. 
  •  Draw tournaments will be voted on each year by general membership.
  • Non-TOC Second Flight Qualifications.  Dues are paid in full by May 1 or dues paid in full after May 1 and the member has fished 4 tournament days. 


5.  Points System

  • Points are based on fish weight.  The total weight for a team's day is their points. 
  • If a team does not weigh in any fish for the day, the team will receive half the points of the lowest weigh in. 
  • Award payouts will be based on the number of boats.  Only first and second place will be paid out if there are nine or fewer boats.  First through third place will pay out if there are between 10-15 boats.  Up to fourth place will pay out if there are 15-24 boats.  Up to fifth place will pay out if there are 25 or more boats.

 6.  Changes to By-Laws

  • Any changes to By-Laws must be approved by the body of the club. 
  • All above rules and By-Laws are to be complied with.  Any violation will be subject for review by the Board of Directors and may include the immediate termination of club membership.
  • These By-Laws are in effect as of January 5, 2018.

7.  Tournament Schedule 
The schedule set by the club at the beginning of each year shall not be changed due to poor fishing at a given venue. Schedule changes shall only be made by a membership vote for reasons including hazardous weather, low water levels, access issues or similar potential problems as determined by the Board and brought to vote.

Six-pound Club Rules

Officers for 2019 are:

President - Steve Kammerzell
Vice President - Joe Kiser
Tournament Directors - Shane Ulrey
Treasurer - Robert Ulrey
Secretary - Joan Mcbee
Members at Large - Include Christian Kammerzell and Kevin Wicks